The Colladerma® Luxury bouquet of cosmetics launches a fully comprehensive concept in beauty, based on the principle of beauty from inside

8 Simple Steps for Perfect Skin:


  • All the active ingredients were carefully selected, and the structure of the eight products
    of the professional skin care kit was designed in order for the products
    to complete each other.

    Biochemist - Angela Niculescu

  • As doctor, I can say from my own experience that the biggest problem in Romania is educating the customers regarding the importance of skin care. The Colladerma kit helps you and teaches you that a daily skin care routine must be closely followed.

    Dr. dermatologist - Radu Pitulea

  • Eight simple steps and two weeks later and I’ve already begun to see the results. My skin is cleaner and my face seems to be 5 years younger.

    Customer Name - Rodica Ionescu

  • Shortly after trying the Colladerma set I’ve been told that I light up the room every time I enter.

    Customer Name - Corina Damian